We are massive car enthusiasts at CH waste services, we sponsor several motorsports such as stock cars, drift cars and a gymkhana grid vehicle We currently sponsor

Jamie BlackmanJB Race Fabrication

Jamie Blackman is a long-lasting sponsor of ours and we are very lucky to have all our fabrication work completed by JB Race Fabrication this company have built and adjusted many of our vehicles.

Harrison Weston

“HW Autos” 
Harrison Weston is his part-time drifting hobby we are also very lucky to have HW Autos on 24/7 stand by to make sure that our vehicles are kept on the road in order to fulfill your collections.

Spencer Peacock “Spencer peacock racing” 

Spencer peacock is a gymkhana Grid competitor, motorsport is Spencer’s passion and he lives by it, we are happy to sponsor Spencer as he tackles the grid all over the word.


We also sponsor Mickey Parker from Portsmouth in his bare-knuckle boxing career.

Mickey Parker is well known for his “heart of a lion” He is next in line for a British title under “BKB” We are proud to support mickey in his journey as we have found a man that works even harder then we do, He is up at 3 am just to train before he sets off to work and after his days work he is back to training again, the physical and mental challenge is what fuels mickeys dream to one day be the titleholder. Do not let the bare-knuckle assumption scare you, mickey is a gentleman inside and outside of the sport, his main goal is to tackle type 1 diabetes, whilst mickey sets out to compete in this combat sport, these challenges are not enough, mickey often enters the hardest marathons around the world just to prove he can do it and whilst undertaking these challenges he raises money for charities close to his heart and he lives by the phrases “ if I can do it anyone can do it” and “ pain is only temporary but pride is forever” Keep up to date with mickey Parker’s upcoming fights, we can promise you that you will be highly entertained to see this gentleman compete.

Corey Howard

Director – CH Waste Services