CH Waste Services - Terms and conditions of Business

1. Payments

All payments must be received by us in advance to secure your booking. By paying the invoice you agree to our terms and conditions.  

If your job is completed for any reason without full payment having been made upfront, we reserve the right to return your waste or a similar amount in size or weight if the payment is not fully completed within the next 5 working days. 

CH Waste Services reserves the right to add interest of 4 % after 5 working days to the outstanding invoice amount. 

Each job will have a time frame included within the price quoted, anything over the initially quoted time frame will be charged in addition at £15 + vat for every additional 15 minutes. 


2. Working Conditions 


CH Waste services will remove items from both domestic and commercial properties / premises, and will do their professional best to avoid any damages, however we cannot accept any responsibility for any damages that may occur. 


3.Forbidden items

3.1 Mobile Waste Removal 

  • Paint/liquids
  • Compressed cylinders 
  • Asbestos
  • Food waste 
  • Human waste 
  • Animal waste 


If any forbidden items are found within the waste we collected from you will be required to collect the forbidden items from our depot within 5 working days or a £50 +vat charge will be issued.

3.2 Forbidden items for Skip Hire

  • Paint/liquids
  • Compressed cylinders 
  • Asbestos
  • Food waste 
  • Human waste 
  • Animal waste
  • Soil, hardcore & rubbles
  • Tiles
  • Garden sleepers

The additional items in the Skip Hire list of forbidden items is due to the weight limit of the vehicle


Skips Must be placed on private ground 

Skips must not be moved once on the property unless by a team member of CH Waste Services 

Although our employees will take every precaution to prevent any damage , CH WASTE SERVICES Company will not accept liability for any damage caused when delivering or collecting the skips 

Skip hire is up to 14 days we reserve the right to remove after the 14th day without notice. 

Customers shall be liable in respect of any claim for injury to persons or property arising from or out of the use of the skips whilst on hire to them.

Customers will be liable for any loss or damage caused to skips whilst on hire to them from any cause that may arise (excepting for fair wear and tear)

Skips must not be loaded above the top of the sides. 

Overloaded skips will not be collected until excess material is removed and a £50 +vat charge will be issued for any wasted journeys.

5. Questions or Complaints 

Any questions or complaints regarding CH WASTE SERVICES should in the first instance be directed to Mr Corey Howard in writing to

Corey Howard
CH Waste Services

Updated terms & Conditions of Business – Dated 14.12.2020