Waste Transfer Station

CH Waste Services now have their own registered Waste Transfer Station authorised by the Environment Agency – Permit number is EPR/WE0663AB. 

Waste is dealt with in-house at our own facility, meaning we can achieve much higher results in waste recycling. 

We have in operation (on site) a mill size baler for… 

  • Plastics
  • Cardboard
  • Film and much more….

How It Works

  • After waste collection and processing the waste material ends up at our site. 
  • It is separated, recyclable material is baled where appropriate.
  • Finally it is sent off in bulk to companies that specialise in proper authorised disposal or recycling of different types of waste or recycling material. 

The Advantages of using CH WASTE SERVICES

  • All suitable waste products are recycled and NOT entered into landfill sites – which is great news for the Environment.
  • The recyclable waste products are baled on site by us, processed and redirected for recycling.
  • We are fully regulated by the Environment Agency, and your waste transfer notes are fully documented with details of the transfer from the home owner or business owner to us for processing.

Watch this space for news !

The CH WASTE transfer station is not currently open to members of the public to directly deposit waste, however in the future we are planning to open a site where customers can directly drop off their waste in an environmentally friendly way. 

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